Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bendgate is back with over 300 bent iPhone 6's

The bendgate case seemed to have died down, closed by Apple's report that only nine customers had complained about this issue, but it seems there some who won't let it go quietly and report there are a lot more than just "nine" bent iPhones out there.

The site "One of the Nine" was created precisely for people to share their bent iPhone photos and stories, and there already over 300 reports of bent iPhones. Some of them say Apple replaced the iPhones without hesitation, other aren't quite that lucky. It also seems to show the problem affects both the iPhone 6 Plus as well as the smaller sized iPhone 6.

Though I can't even imagine what it would be like to take your iPhone out of the pocket and notice it was bent without any sort of "abuse", I still think that 300 in over 10 million iPhones is a very small amount. We've already seen that the iPhone 6 does have a structural weak point just below the volume buttons, the point where most of them bend - and until Apple changes the way the iPhone 6 is built, my guess is that you really should take care how you place your iPhone in your pocket.

From what I can gather, I'd say it will be safer for you to place your iPhone 6 in your front pocket with its top side down, so the volume buttons are farther away from your legs/torso bend point. Sure, it will depend on the size of your pockets and their placement, but what you'll want to to is to avoid all sorts of bending pressure on that particular spot (better be safe than sorry, right?)

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