Thursday, November 6, 2014

Swype for iPhone and iPad for free [grab it while you can]

I didn't mind paying a few cents for Swype, buf it haven't done so already, then you'll have no excuse for not taking the opportunity to grab it now - as it is currently available for free in the App Store.

Yes, the seemingle magical Swype for iOS is free in the App Store, and its latest version is better than ever,

Swype is that keyboard that revolutionized the way you type on a touchscreen, and where instead of tapping each single letter you want to type, you simply need to draw a continuous gesture going over the letter you wish to type. So, for "secret" you just start on "s" and slide your way along "e, c, r, e, t" and it's done. It really is amazing, and it won't take much time for you to whiz by seemingly impossible words, writing them in no time.

This latest version has an improved layout on iPad, support for 21 languages, and it even goes as far as suggesting you emoji whenever it thinks it appropriate. Writing "happy" or "sad" will prompt you a smiley/frown face that you can insert in your message with a single touch.

I can't stop telling people to try it out - and considering you can get it for free - there's now no excuse for you not to do it. My only "complaint" is that Swype doesn't support multi-language input (like SwiftKey does), which is annoying for someone like me, that ends up writing in english and portuguese (and sometimes mixing it up even in the same sentence. :)

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