Friday, November 28, 2014

Ebay turns retail shopping into a magic experience

Online shopping has changed the way we buy stuff, and Ebay clearly had a significant impact on it. But now, Ebay wants to change the way we deal with physical retail stores.

While more and more people turn to online stores to buy whatever they want, with a couple of touches being all that's needed to make something arrive at tour door the next day or so, there are still lots of areas where things get trickier. For instance: would you buy clothes online? Most people won't, because they'll like to touch and see the fabric, and try it out to see how it fits.

But things can change, a lot. Ebay is showing us how retail stores com jump into the future, using things like "magic mirrors" we can touch to see and select whatever we want to try, call for an assistant, or even change the lighting to see how it looks during the day, dusk, or during the night. Of course, there is also lots of tech in place to help store managers track how visitors are moving around the store, so they can better place their products and such.

If these Rebecca Minkoff stores can be used as a template of what's to come, I imagine there will be a lot of people that won't mind visiting them personally. And in the end, that's about all a store wants (I mean, other than actually selling their products).

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