Friday, November 14, 2014

Facebook "Say Thanks" makes instant videos to thank your friends

Sometimes a simple thanks is all it takes to brighten someone's day, and now you can do it faster than ever thanks to Facebook's "Say Thanks".

We often have hundreds (thousands) of photos taken with out friends, but the hard part is actually sorting it all out in order to make something useful out of it - as in: more than simply letting them use app all out harddrive/cloud space. Google has it's amazing automated story generating magic in Google+, and now Facebook does something of sorts, in a less grander scale. With Say Thanks, the tiresome tasking of trying to put together some photos in a nice package that can be seen without inducing the boring "family-videos syndrom" becomes something you can do instantly.

You just need to select your "victim", choose a theme, make sure the auto-selected photos are suitable (and choose others if you like), and Facebook will take care of the rest. You need only add some simple words to sum it all up and it's done.

I do have to tell you that all my attempts at creating one of these videos resulted in very "misty-eyed" videos I wouldn't dare sending to my friends; but that's probably because I have a very limited selection of photos on Facebook. If you do happen to have lots and lots of photos on Facebook, let me know how it works out for you.

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