Thursday, November 13, 2014

YouTube announces Music Key subscription service

The rumors about a YouTube music subscription service have been around for ages, and finally we get to know what it's all about: YouTube Music Key (in the usual Google branded "beta").

The YouTube Music Key joins the growing ranks of music streaming services (like Spotify) that allow you to hear whatever you want - among it's 30 million+ musics and videos - with no intrusive ads, the ability to play them offline, and with background listening (even with a locked device or while opening other apps).

You'll be able to use it on the web as both iOS and Android (using the YouTube app), and you'll no longer have to search each song individually: Music Key will allow you to instantly access complete albums and full discographies of you favorites artists/bands. The only setback is that, even if you're interested, you'll need to get an invite to join the service.

When/if you do, you'll be treated with 6 months of free Music Key listening, and then you'll have to pay $7.99 per month - a discounted price compared to the regular $9.99 new users will have to pay. Will it be enough to make people ditch Spotify? We'll have to wait and see... as I'm not imagining many people willing to pay multiple monthly subscriptions to listen to music. Which one will you choose?

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