Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Google phases out Android email - prompts you to use Gmail

Some may have seen it coming. With the latest Gmail being able to use other email services having two separate email apps on Android was something that wouldn't last long... and it didn't: Google has just pushed the Email app out the door.

Most Android users would already be using the Gmail app as their main email app. Some would even find it odd to have two different email apps - though users using other email providers had no choice but to use the stock one (or a different 3rd party email app.) Now, if you try to use the regular Email app you'll be forwarded to Gmail.

Being a Gmail user, this won't affect me at all, but I wonder how others will feel, knowing that there's a not so subtle difference between giving you the choice to use Gmail to handle any other email account, and forcing you to do so. Anyway, I think Google is in its right to do so, directing people to use their own services - like so many (all?) of it's competitors usually do (even those using Android as their own core).

Just don't forget you still have the chance to set different notifications settings for different accounts, so you can still set it so you can have your work emails sound different from your personal emails - or even set different notification rules based on your Gmail email labels. Be sure to take a peek under Gmail settings to see all you can do with it.

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