Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get free MB of mobile data on Verizon and Vodafone by watching ads

I'm not fully aware of how good (or bad) Verizon's data plans are in the US, but I'll assume that most customers will feel their monthly data allowance is never enough. Thankfully, there's a easy way for you to add some extra precious megabytes of data to your plan using Kickbit.

Kickbit is a service that will reward you with megabytes of data to use in your mobile plan whenever you do things like watching sponsored videos, install promoted apps, and other ad/promoted related stuff. Some things don't give you much (watching video might just give you 2MB, for instance - though they can quickly add app if you just watch the required 15s minimum) but others are a bit more generous (20, 30MB or more).

Best of all, it's really a nice way to reward customers - considering most of the time we still have to face unwanted ads, and don't get anything at all for enduring it - and it "pays" us in one of the most desirable commodities available for smartphone users: data!

Kickbit supports most Verizon and Vodafone plans, but you can quickly check it out by entering you number on the site to see if you're eligible. Kickbit's app is available for iOS and Android and be sure to give it a try if you're constantly using up all your mobile data before the end of the month.

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