Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sony cancels The Interview after terrorist threats

Sony Pictures is still trying to cope with the mega-hack that stole lots of confidential information, and has now seemingly bowed to the attackers by cancelling "The Interview" movie premiere after some terrorist threats targeting cinemas and spectators.

The Interview is a satiric "over-the-top" movie with Seth Rogen and James Franco where CIA send agents disguised as reporters to try and assassinate north-korea leader Kim Jong-un. And that's why they suspected this attack had originated in Norte Korea - a suspicion that the US  Government now says is certain).

The hacker group responsible for the attack has been leaking all kinds of confidential information, and even movies that have yet to be released; but it's main goal now seems to have been achieved, as Sony has cancelled The Interview movie premiere scheduled for December 25th.

While intelligence agencies say there are no real indication about possible attacks on US movie theaters, I guess Sony doesn't want to even consider what would happen if people got killed or injured while watching their movie - after such public threats. Anyway, there are also those that sat that this opens a worrying precedent that may incite others to use similar tactics whenever another undesirable movie, book, song, is about to launch.

... What do you think should have been done in this situation? (For me, it would be simple: provide the movie for free on the internet, and send a clear message that this kind of attack to censor a movie - no matter if it's a "stupid movie" - cannot and will not be tolerated.)

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