Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Plan V charges your smartphone using a 9V battery

Our smartphone's charge never lasts as long as we'd like, and to make it worse it usually ends in the worst possible moments. This Plan V might be the perfect solution, allowing us to charge our smartphones using a regular 9V battery.

There are lots of ways to make our smartphones last longer. There are extra batteris, high-capacity batteries, portable chargers, but they all mean you have to add bulk an weight to your smartphone, or carry additional devices with you. It might be the best solution for everyone that uses them frequently; but if you seldom use them, it's too much of a hassle just to be ready for that on odd day you may need it.

This Plan V might be the perfect solution. It's a small carger/adapter you can carry as a keychain at all times, and should the need arise for you to prolong your smartphone usage, all it takes is a regular 9V battery you can find at any convenience store. These batteries usually have capacities of about 500-1200mAh which should be enough to add a few more hours of use.

Prices start at $15 AUD, and delivery is expected for February 2015.

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