Friday, December 26, 2014

Vizio makes fun of curved screen TVs with anti-curved glasses add

TV manufactures seem to always try to push us all kinds of things in hopes of selling more units, and the latest fad is curved screens. Thankfully, there seems to be a brand that realizes what's going on, and created a funny TV shop-style add making fun of it.

Vizio proposes the "revolutionary anti-curved glasses" that will straighten up your curved screen image and turn it into a flat TV screen. A clear allusion to the 3D glasses that just a while back were the latest fad (that we wished that could have served as a lesson to TV manufacturers.)

Bear in mind that I have no issues with anyone liking or wanting a curved TV screen, for whatever reason - even if it's just because it's "different". But the thing is... unless you talking really large screen sizes, and I mean over 100", there really is no point in considering curved screen (except in some very specific situations... for instance, placing the screen in a curved wall.

But other than that... please let go of the curved screen "push", and instead focus on providing us the cheapest, highest quality, UHD OLED screens that can be made - flatly.

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