Thursday, December 25, 2014

Petalite Flux is a portable battery than can be charge in just 15 minutes

Portable batteries  have become an accessory more and more people have learned to live with. But for some, the need for an extra battery is often let down by the fact that when you need it the most... you remember you forgot to recharge it. Well, with this Petalite Flux, that's something you can take care of in just 15 minutes.

The Petalite Flux is a compact 2600mAh battery, but it's main feature is that it can be charged completely in jsut 15 minutes using its 10A charger. This is possible thanks to the battery chemistry (lithium iron phosphate) which allows this faster, high powered, charging - while also providing a longer life than regular portable batteries (up to three years under normal use.)

It reminds us of that old question: would you prefer a battery that would last for a week but it took one day to recharge; or would you prefer a battery that would last for just half as much but could be charged in a few minutes? I bet most people will prefer this last one, and now they have the chance to have something similar with this Petalite Flux.

You can get a Petalite Flux battery and charge kit for  $68, with additional batteries costing $27. If all goes according to plan with this Indiegogo project, you should have it by June 2015.

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