Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bluetooth pacifier tracks your baby temperature wirelessly

Wearable technology has now entered into the "suckable" area, and most parents will appreciate this bluetooth enabled smart pacifier that allows them to monitor their babies' temperatures easily from afar.

This Pacif-i made by Blue Maestro may look like any other pacifier, but it has an embedded bluetooth system that allows you to monitor you baby temperature as well as a few "extras". You'll have to calibrate it first, using a regular (and more accurate) thermometer to compare and adjust its readings, but from them on you'll never have to bother your baby again to know his/her temperature.

You can also set an alarm should the pacifier (and baby, hopefully) stroll away too far; and you can also locate the pacifier by making it ring (not recommended to try that one out if you're baby has just fell asleep after a couple of hours crying - or you'll probably be the one spending the next couple of hours crying.)

The Pacif-i is completely sealed, which means you won't be able to replace its battery or move its "electronics" to a new one should it become damaged, but the company says its battery should last for well over a year, which more than enough for most cases. The Pacif-i should be on the market next month for €30, and arrive on the US later this year after all the "medical device" approvals have been taken care of.

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