Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Apple's 12" MacBook Air will be smaller than the current 11" model

Apple's MacBook Air has become a reference since it first appeared, and following it second generation it became a huge hit among every laptop user, forcing other makers to evolve into the the "ultrabook" era. Its upcoming 12" MacBook Air might take things even further, shrinking down to an even smaller size than the smallest one currently available.

If these rumors about he new MacBook Air de 12" are to be believed, Apple will use every trick in its arsenal to bring us the most compact MacBook Air ever built. This meas using the latest Intel Core M CPUs (more efficient and fanless); smaller bezels around the screen (though probably not as much as Dell's XPS 13); and even a "millimetric" reduction on the keyboard key size and spacing to shrink it's total width.

But the most noticeable change will most likely be the disappearance of all ports and connectors we're used to seeing in laptops. The new MacBook Air should have only a single reversible USB Type-C and say goodbye to the memory card sockets, regular USB, displayport/HDMI, and even the magsafe power connector. Apple has already proved it has no fear to ditch "old standards" and embrace new ones, and this would just be just one more example - most likely with a new USB hub to match, providing all the missing connectors for legacy purposes.

Now all we have to do is wait, and see if this really comes true. The most interesting thing, besides all this, is that all these changes would allow Apple to bring this MacBook Air to market at an even lower price point - and that would certainly make it one of the most desirable laptops ever.

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