Thursday, January 8, 2015

Intel Compute Stick is a Windows computer in "stick" format

Google's Chromecast made people realize they don't need ugly boxes to have media players/streamers; and soon after many more Android media players in similar formats popped up. But what if you wanted a complete computer, just like the one you have on your desk? Well, now you can, thanks to Intel's Computer Stick.

The Intel Compute Stick is a HDMI-stick sized computer that can run Windows (or any other operating system that you'd be able to install on a regular computer). Inside we have a quad-core Atom CPU (strangely, not the more recent and more power efficient Core M), 2GB RAM, 32GB flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, regular size USB port, and a micro USB port for power. Intel says in the future you'll be able to power it using nothing but the HDMI port. And all this means you can now carry a computer in your pocket that you can simply plug into any TV or monitor.

There are countless applications: not only can you carry your PC around, but you can easily transform any TV (or projector) into a "smart device" with full Internet access and media playing capabilities. And best of all... it really isn't that expensive.

The Windows version of the Compute Stick will cost $149 but we'll also have a Linux version (with 1GB/8GB) that will have an even more interesting $89 price. That's enough to make it competitive with the ARM based media player sticks out there.  What's next? To have an entire computer the size of those tiny bluetooth USB adapters? :)

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