Thursday, January 29, 2015

Comcast changes client name to "Asshole" - ends up giving 4 years of free service

Cable operators aren't particularly known for having "good relations" with their customers; and Comcast has a long standing tradition of doing its best to annoy them even more. Now they seem to have surpassed themselves, renaming one one of their customers to "Asshole Brown".

Ricardo Brown was surprised to see his last invoice refer him as "Asshole Brown". After some digging, the only explanation he could come up with was a call made by his wife to try and lower their monthly bill by removing the pay-TV part of their subscription. We all know how phone calls with "retention operators" can quickly get out of hand; but in this case his wife said there was nothing that could account for such reaction (not that anything would!)

We can only imagine this retention operator failed to keep is "monthly quota" of kept customers, and lashed out with this "renaming".

To make a long story short, things ended up with Comcast returning the money paid over the last 2 years of service, and offering the next 2 years for free - while apologizing for what happened and promising to investigate who was responsible for it. Considering how frequently people sue in the US and how easily things get into insane amounts of money, I can't really tell of 4 years of free service is such a good deal as it may seem... but I could settle with that... :)

Update: looks there are a lot more "renaming" cases among Comcast customers.

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