Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apple hits record earnings and iPhone sales

Some people may feel like Apple's not doing as much as they should to innovate and bring us "marvelous" new things. But it seems the market thinks otherwise, with over 75 million iPhones sold and a record breaking 18 billion dollars last quarter.

Apple has sold 74.4 million iPhones and surpassed 1 billion iOS devices, in large part thanks to China. Even so, Tim Cook stated that the iPhone 6 is bringing lots of new users into Apple's platform - more than any previous model (but once again, we can consider it due to China's immense new market).

Anyway, Apple jumps to the top spot has having the biggest ever quarter, surpassing all the usual energy and oil companies, and averaging something like 8.3 million dollars per hour - yes... something we shouldn't really think too much about.

Not bad for a company that just a while back was very worried for not having any device to offer customers wishing for larger devices (as well as cheaper ones). Apple answered the first group with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus... and looking at these results, I don't think they're too worried in answering the other part of the equation (cheaper devices)... at least for now.

As for the much awaited Apple Watch, we can expect it to reach the stores in April. But other than what we already knew - that it will start at $349, there's nothing else. Though we'll be curious to see if its battery life will be as bad as rumored.

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