Friday, January 23, 2015

Apple Watch to last only 2.5h under intensive use?

Apple has always sidestepped all questions regarding the upcoming Apple Watch the battery life, but now that we're just a couple of months away from launch, we finally start hearing rumors about it... and they're not that good.

Apple only stated that you'd probably need to recharge your Apple Watch every night, but according to someone that is supposedly "in the loop" their intentions have fell short.

To ensure a fluid lag free operation, Apple is using their own S1 CPU, which is roughly equivalent to the A5 chip we can find in a current iPod Touch. The screen is also working at 60fps; and it all runs thanks to a new "SkiHill" OS, based on a stripped down iOS. While Apple intended for the Apple Watch to last for up to 1 day in, and 3-4 days in standby; now they're settling for just around 3h, and even less if using an intensive app. Even when just showing an animated clock on the screen seems to drain its battery in under 4h.

As for the induction wireless charger, it also seems to be plagued with longer that desirable charging times. Though it seems Apple is still working on that and hopefully will sort it out in time for launch (which has been delayed to March).

Though these are highly likely issues, I can't stop but wonder if they're not rumors created to lower people's expectations and then "shine brighter" when they announce the Apple Watch with much better specs. And my point here is not because I like Apple or not, but simply based on what we all know: Apple has been able to create devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBooks) that have been a reference in battery life compared to similarly-specced devices from other companies. There's no reason for Apple not to do the same with its Apple Watch as well.

Anyway, saying a device lasts only for a couple of hours under heavy usage isn't really that hard. Just charge up your Nexus 5, launch Ingress... and see if you can get past the 2h mark. (Which has prompted me to say, on several occasions, that we don't really have "day-long" smartphones until we have on that can run Ingress for at least 24h on a single charge.)

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