Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to use Android Priority Mode

The new Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with different management profiles instead of the old "silent mode", but some people may have yet to fully understand how they can put it to use. That's what we're about to show you.

It's not that hard to understand that while you'll be glad to receive all calls and notification sound on some occasions, there are others that require you to be a bit more selective. With Priority Mode you can silence your device, while having full control of what you consider important enough to get through to you.

To do so you need only touch the volume keys on a Android Lollopop device, and you'll see the volume bar as well as the three available modes: None, All, and Priority. You can also choose if you want each mode to last for just a while (from 15m up to 8h), or indefinitely - which is nice (you can set it to none for a couple of hours when you go see a movie, and not worry about forgetting it in "silent mode" for the rest of the day).

On Priority Mode you'll need to dive into its configuration to use it to its full extent. By pressing the gear icon you'll be able to set several different option, as well as schedule days and hours for it to activate automatically (for instance every weekday from 11PM to 7AM). Sadly, you don't get to have a different scheduling option for weekends (nothing you can't fix with Tasker.)

The three main sections are Events and reminders, Calls, and Messages. Events and remiders are what you expect, and you can choose if you consider them important enough to bother you during Priority Mode or not. On Calls and Messages, things are more advanced, as you can choose to receive calls/messages from just your contacts, or just your starred contacts.

Meaning, you can safely put your phone in silent priority mode, but you'll still receive a ring should any of your important contacts call or message you. Keep in mind you'll still have all your "silent" notifications and calls on screen if you light it up to check manually - you just won't be bothered by them while on priority mode.

The last part is managing notification. Priority mode silences all your notifications by default (alarms are considered to be a priority, so they'll still wake you in the morning) but you can also select some apps you consider to be important. You'll to head into "Sound & notification -> App notifications". And there you'll be able to scroll though all you installed apps, and choose which should be "prioritized".

While you're at it, you can also choose for specific apps not to show sensitive info on notifications shown on a locked screen.

So, now all you have to do is put all this in action, and make sure you put your smartphone working for you... and not the other way around.

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