Thursday, January 22, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens shows us the future of augmented reality

Microsoft has unveiled its Windows 10 but the thing that really caught our attention was their futuristic HoloLens glasses. A device that seems to make all augmented reality wishes come true.

People have been waiting "for ever" for something that allows them to see a virtual world displayed right in front of their eyes, as so many sci-fi movies depict. Google promised to do a smaller ver of it with their Google Glasses, but things haven't worked out so far and their interest seems to be turning to the mysterious Magic Leap glasses. On the other hand, we have the full fledged virtual reality goggles like the Oculus Rift, that are also continuously struggling to push technology to the point that is capable of fulfilling people's expectations.

And now MS comes along, and seems to overtake them all with these HoloLens.

MS is light on the tech details, saying only that the HoloLens will work untethered and without any tablet or smartphone, and that it has a powerful CPU, GPU and a HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) to create amazingley realistic images that seem "holographic" to the user.

Though it's the same kind of claim many others have made, the fact that it's something that comes from the same person that brought us the Kinect and has begun development over 5 years ago... makes us interested.

Work, education, games... this sort of technology will revolutionize it all, and MS is betting on it as the next big thing, hopefully allowing it to leap back into place after failing to catch the "mobile" market. If they can really pull this out, smartphones and tablets may soon become antiques from yesteryear.

But let's not put our hopes up... though some people tried their prototypes and were amazed, they also stated it seemed to be too far from a real marketable product.

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