Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Police is worried about Police reporting feature in Waze

Waze is a popular GPS navigation app that relies on its users to report all sorts of things, like traffic, accidents, speed traps (and even potholes). But authorities are worried that it also allows people to report police location, and putting them at risk.

People loved Waze from the very beginning (and Google took notice acquiring it in 2013) but now there are sheriffs that want Google to remove police location reporting claiming it puts agents at risk.

I understand some people may benefit from keeping the "fearful" tune playing; but I wonder if the persons asking for this will later on also require people to stop using messaging apps, social networks, and even cellphones, as they too can be used to share where the police might be. In fact, if someone wants to target police agents, they don't even need to use Waze at all - they could simply phone in and report a fake incident, so agents would come to them, in the place and at the time of their choosing.

So, is this really about Waze, or simply a question of mentality of people growing used to see every citizen as a potential enemy?

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