Monday, February 16, 2015

Amazing visualization reveals WiFi signals in 3D

WiFi is something most people take for granted, except for the odd cases where it seems to behave very strangely and making us wish we could "see" what's actually happening with WiFi signals - and that's precisely what I bring you today.

Using a tiny module with a color LED that mapped WiFi signal strength and moving it around, this person first created a 2D map of the WiFi signal strength. But the it pushed things into the 3rd dimension using a CNC milling machine that allowed him to scan a 3D space in high resolution.

The results are amazing, and may help explain why sometimes WiFi may seem to behave strangely. Among the apparently random patterns there are some not-so-random structures that correspond to the 2.4GHz wavelength, causing good/bad spot that are just a few centimeters wide.

Next time you're having WiFi problems... maybe all it takes is for you to slightly move the device a bit to either side. :)

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