Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Russian Roulette is back - in less lethal but still painful electric shock version

It seems there's no shortage of thrill-seekers in Russia, where the iconic Russian roulette is back, now in a new electric format that will leave people literally "shocked".

This new and "improved" version replaces revolvers and bullets with tasers - which still look like guns, for added effect - and lets people experience an adrenaline rush while ensuring they'll still be able to walk home afterwards.

The 10000V electric shock is described as being like a very painful punch, so this isn't something that any regular person would want to do... unless you have a thing for "pain", which wouldn't be a very good sign to start with.

But, just like some people go into extreme sports, or do all other sorts of crazy things... who are we to judge people willing to risk having a 10000V jolt flowing through their bodies?

... Just don't sign me up for it, though! :)

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