Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cheap RGB LED lamps on Indiegogo

LED lamps are already part of our daily routines, but going the extra mile and choosing programmable RGB LED lamps is still an expensive proposition. Now, UKnekt aims to change all that with cheap and affordable LED lamps.

Everyone has seen Philips Hue lamps in action and wished for something like that. But paying over $50 per lamp usually make people think twice about it. But what if you could pay less than half? That's precisely what UKnekt offers: smart RGB LED lamps for only $23.

And don't think its cheap price translates into an half-baked low quality product. The system is precisely the same as the one used by Philips, where you have a ZigBee gateway, translating your WiFi commands into ZigBee that is sent to the lamps - so no messing with bluetooth or WiFi direct connections that require you to disconnect from your home network in order to control the lights..

Even if you're not into "colorful moods", you can still put these lamps to good simly by choosing the "white" color tone you like the most (from the warm, yellowish tones, to the harsher bluer ones) - something that, just by itself, would make them worthwhile. And unlike the Philips Hue lamps, that revert back to full brightness when switched off and on at the wall switch, these remember the last state you had them set, meaning a low intensity level will be kept like that until you change it again (also saves you from some nasty surprises in case of a power failure!)

Costing just $23 per lamp there's not much to think about. But don't forget you'll need a ZigBee gateway, starting at an equally affordable $54 with one lamp; or $76 with two lamps. As for the lamps, they're 7W LED lamps (equiv. to 40W traditional lamps).

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