Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sony is selling "premium sound" memory cards... at premium cost

After the "amazing" $10,600 ethernet cable that improves digital sound, we have a new contender in the "treat the customers like they're stupid" department. And this time, although at a far cheaper price, it comes from a brand you'd might think wouldn't resort to this sort of tactics: Sony.

Sony is a company with ties to the audio world going back decades; and although we all know sound quality is important, there's a fine line between actually improving sound quality, and plain scam-like techniques like this "premium sound" microSDXC memory card.

A 64GB memory  card just like any other regular Class 10 microSDXC card... except for the fact that it costs $155, more than five times the price you can pay for a "non-premium sound" card.

Technically they say this new card was especially designed for sound files, and has reduced "electric noise" - which might sound good, if we weren't talking about digital data that is verified to be exactly the same regardless of that. Even if you consider the implications that this "noise" could have over the digital to analog section of your device (the part responsible for actually turning the digital data into "sound"), then I guess you'd also have to worry about the potential interference coming from RF radiation, like WiFi signals, radio and TV transmissions, and even cosmic rays.

No surprise Sony is now ditching its audio and video divisions and hanging on just to the profitable parts (like PlayStation and image sensors).

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