Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lenbovo was preinstalling high-risk adware in their laptops

Lenovo may have some highly coveted laptops, but they've recently put their customer trust at risk by preinstalling a rather nasty adware called Superfish in some of their machines.

If you bough a Lenovo laptop recently, you might notice an extra dose of ads and popups as you browse through the web, even in places where you wouldn't usually have none. You can thank the Superfish adware for that. But what's even worse is that this adware installs itself as a certified authority that allows it to snoop even your secure internet connections.

This means that, as you connect to your bank or any other "secure" site, like a logged in Google service, Facebook, or others, the adware will still be able to track your usage and intercept your communications - which can also be intercepted in non encrypted form by other 3rd parties. Something that makes it jump from a simple "annoyance" to a very serious security risk.

After some bland reactions, Lenovo has finally stated they'll stop installing Superfish and provided instructions on how to remove Superfish (uninstall it from the programs, and remove the certificates). But meanwhile, Microsoft also added Superfish to its malware list, meaning your next Windows Defender scan will automatically remove any traces of Superfish on your computer.

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