Monday, February 23, 2015

RideOn takes snow sports into the augmented reality era

Google's Glass may be back to the drawing board but there are plenty others willing to tackle the augmented reality issue and bring real products to market, like these RideOn goggles that have already surpassed their goal on Indiegogo.

Instead of aiming for universal, daily usage, these RideOn (official site) are geared towards a very specific segment: snow sports. This allows them to sidestep all the complex "social" issues Google's Glass had to endure, like its social acceptance should you wear it on a bar or restaurant, or even a movie theater. Also, as you'd already be wearing protective goggles in the snow, wearing it becomes a non-issue.

This doesn't mean the same technology is limited to snow sports. We'll surely see this spread into other areas in the future, but for now the first step for RideOn is snow. Users will be able to play virtual games on real slopes, as well as have access to a bunch of features like locating and talking to their friends. All using a "visual interface" that requires you only to look at what you want to do.

If you're an avid snow sports fan, you're only 519 dollars away from getting one - though you'll have to wait till September to actually try it out (assuming there's no unexpected delays).

If you want to really take a peek at a real image shown through the RideOn glasses, the following video shows it, and it does seem to have enough brightness to be clearly visible even on sunny days.

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