Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pebble is back with Time on Kickstarter

It was known that Pebble was working on a new and improved version of its iconic smartwatch, and after some late hours leak last night it's finally time to get to know this new Pebble Time.

As expected Pebble Time does come with a new e-paper color screen, allowing it to show up to 64 colors in a sunlight readable screen - and keeping it usual, long lasting, 7 day battery life that puts most other smartwatches to shame. It's also 20% thinner and more comfortable to wear.

As for the interface, we have an whole new and improved design, that focus on functions instead of apps, and has beautiful and fluid animations and transitions all around (no surprise, coming from the team responsible for the WebOS.)

Pebble was born on Kickstarter, and unsurprisingly they've decided to go back to its origins. This new Pebble Time is launching exclusively on Kickstarter and it has stormed through the million mark in under an hour. Currently is already over 5 millions, and I wouldn't be surprised if it kept chugging and take the 1st spot on the highest funding project ever. If you're interested, prices start at $179 and delivery is scheduled for May.

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