Saturday, February 7, 2015

Piodão Village in Portugal

You all know that from time to time I like to share with you things about my country, Portugal. And today I bring you a nice short video about one of our iconic villages: Aldeia do Piodão.

Portugal isn't a large country, but our biggest cities are large enough for any visitor to feel "at home" in a modern country. But if you like to explore a bit more, you might want to trek around small villages like Piodão, where you can get a glimpse of what it would be going back in time a few centuries, and imagine how life would be back then. (And don't worry, there are plenty more scattered around the country, all with its unique styles and differences... except for the fact that in all of them you'll find nice, welcoming, people.)

In case you're wondering... yes, it's "almost" in Google's Streetview. :)

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