Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fake MS tech support call ends in death threats

There is a growing number of fake tech support calls where operators claiming to work for Microsoft tell you your computer is at risk and requesting you to follow some steps and giving them remote access. Now, those phone calls seem to be ramping up to new levels, including death threats.

Should you ever receive any such call, you should hang up immediately, but there are those who willingly let it proceed, either for fun, or just curiosity to see how far it goes. It was in one of these scenarios that Jakob Dulisse faced an unexpected turn of events.

The phone operator got really mad and angry when Jakob asked him why he was doing that and stealing information from unsuspecting people, and told him that they usually cut foreigner in little pieces in India (where he was). Things got even "better"... he said he add Jakobs address and would forward it to the crews they had in every country, so they'd paid him a visit and kill him.

Though Jakob didn't think much of it, considering it to be just another scare tactic to force people into paying the "remote service" tax for "cleaning the computer", it would be something most people wouldn't really like to hear. So, nothing like stick to our first recommendation: should you ever receive any such call... simply hang up.

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