Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AutoWear puts Tasker on your wrist

Tasker is one of those apps that we can't even dare trying to explain how powerful it is, suffice to say it puts Android under your complete control once you learn how to use it. Now, my portuguese friend João Dias - creator of some of its most popular plugins - brings us AutoWear, that puts Tasker on your wrist.

With AutoWear (a plugin for Tasker) you can expand the range of possibilities and include your Android Wear smarwatch into the mix. Suddenly, you can use Android Wear events to trigger actions, like flicking your wrist to turn on the lights; or see the morning news as soon as you remove your smartwatch from the charger. You can even create custom screens that allow you to control your TV using your smartwatch, and lots, lots more.

If you were wondering just how you could put a smartwatch to good use, with AutoWear you have your answer - and although Tasker itself may not be as user-friendly as some would hope for, this AutoWear isn't really that hard to work with.

You can try AutoWear freely for a week (keep in mind you do need Tasker to use it, tough you can also get a free trial version), and I bet you'll be hooked on it in just a couple of days and finding new ways to use it every week.

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