Monday, March 30, 2015

Is Galaxy S6 crash resistant?

The new Galaxy S6 turns a new leaf in regards to premium quality devices from Samsung. While previous generations were often criticized for using "cheap plastic", the latest version uses nothing but glass and metal. And all that glass is also a cause for concern... and now we have a few not-so-accidental drops to show us how it fares.

As usual, it didn't take long for someone to abuse their brand new smartphone to some not so careful drops. In fact, it seems someone might be having a bad way from the way they try to bash the Galaxy S6 into the ground - surprisingly, without any apparent harm to the device.

Sure, one such video doesn't mean your Galaxy S6 is safe from cracking from a gentler drop (I personally know a couple of friends that shattered their smarphones' screens with small drops) - after all, no matter how much better Gorilla Glass has become over the years... it's still glass - and glass breaks.

In any case, it might help ease your mind if you were afraid this upcoming Galaxy S6 to shatter at the slightest hint of a drop. :)

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