Saturday, March 28, 2015

Amazon Cloud Drive gives you unlimited space for $1 or $5/month

Data, data and more data. No matter how big our hard drives get, we always seem to be able to find a way to fill them - and in big part thanks to the high megapixel cameras and HD video (soon to be Ultra HD 4K). Thankfully, Amazon now was an unlimited cloud storage plan for us.

Keeping our data safe isn't easy. We can get a couple of hard drives, but... who's to say a thunderstorm won't fry them, or a burglar steal them? And as far as cloud storage goes, prices go up considerably if you want to store more than a dozen gigabytes of data. Amazon has new plans that change all that Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything on Amazon Cloud Drive.

The first one allows you to store unlimited photos for just $11.99 per year (plus 5GB for videos and files), and is a must for anyone wanting to ensure their photos are safe, no matter how many terabytes it may take. If you don't want to care about what kind of data you need to keep (like videos), then you can choose the Unlimited Everything, for $59,99 per year.

These are amazing prices; 1TB on Dropbox, Google or Microsoft costs way more, and even though you can get 1TB of free storage space on Flickr (or unlimited photo storage on Google, if you don't mind have smaller resized photos), I don't think $12/60 per year is too much to pay to keep your data safe.

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