Friday, March 27, 2015

Instapaper gains Speed Reading and Tweet Shots

Instapaper is one of the most popular service for all those wanting to manage things to read or keep (and more) and now gets some new extra features that might come in handy and will help you save even more time.

In the new Instapaper you get lots of improvements. With Tweet Shot, you'll no longer have to worry with Twitter's 140 characters limit. If you want to share a longer text, Instapaper will convert it into an image and share the image instead. This way, you can tweet texts as long as you can think of - though I find it kind of funny the lengths we have to go in order to bypass these limitations - in this case, converting a text that would be a few hundred bytes into an image that can use thousands of times more storage space. But they... digital storage is cheap these days, right?
[Tweet Shot example]

Perhaps more interesting, you also get a new Speed Reading mode, available on the web (Instapaper) as well as the iPad app - Android and smartphone users will have to keep reading the "slow" way. This method, according to Instapaper:
Speed reading in Instapaper uses rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), showing you one word a time at the speed of your choosing. This method of speed reading is meant to help you eliminate subvocalization, that voice in the back of your mind repeating words as you read them, and reduce time lost scanning between words. The result is a more focused, faster reading experience.

They'll certainly know more about it than me, but I still find it faster to see the entire text and simply "scan" the eyes over it. Anyway, you can simply try it out and see for yourself - though free Instapaper users are limited to speed reading 10 articles per month.

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