Thursday, March 26, 2015

Borderless screen Oppo looks amazing

Sci-fi movies have shown us amazing devices that we hope someday will become real. Some of them show us "smartphones" that have no bezels - and it seem we're finally getting really close. After the amazing Aquos Crystal from Sharp we get a new Oppo that slims down the bezel around the screen to a minimum..

In this case, bezel-less really means it: and you'll have to look hard to find it (even though we're just talking about the side bezels - as the top and bottom of the device still require "non-screen space".) Oppo surpassed even the slim bezel we find on the LG G3, and does so while keeping the regular power and volume buttons on the side (LG moved them to the back cover).

How did Oppo manage to do that?

Well, they resorted to a simple "trick". The image we're seeing right to the ver edges isn't actually there. Instead, they use a clever light-guide system that projects the images to the side, making it seem it extends farther that the actual screen. A nice way to deal with the problem without resorting to more expensive techniques of trimming down the screen borders.

Sure, we'll have to wait and look at one of these screens to see if there's no unintended side effects that may adversely affect the image quality. But from the looks of it - it seems like a safe bet. All we need is for Oppo to officially announce this device and give us a launch date.

(Can you imagine having a tablet using this same technique on all sides? :)

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