Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Apple already has plans on how to sell you the Apple Watch

Apple has achieved a unique status that all other brands desperately try to imitate, but that didn't happen by chance. One key element is the way Apple handles customers, and you won't be surprised they already have the guidelines on how to sell you the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple's leaves very little things (nothing?) to chance, and that includes the way the Apple Store's staff interacts with customers. That's why they have special rules and training on how to sell the Apple Watch, which is a more personal and fashionable device than any other.

So, don't be surprised to see Apple employees to engage and create a "trusting relation", listening to what you're looking for and suggesting what you might need and like. Don't expect to hear them tell you you've made the "wrong choice"; as the guidelines mandate they'll better talk about "the better choice" argue. Likewise, if you didn't go alone, expect them to engage your friend(s) in the discussion so they tell you what they think. And above all, never use the price as a justification. Apple doesn't think the price is an issue and that customers will choose the Apple Watch they desire, regardless of price.

I'm not complaining... Selling stuff is what companies do, and if you think otherwise you'll better realize it. Just like there are lots of "rules" in the placement of products in a store (that affect the way you perceive and buy/don't buy), there are also these "rules of engagement" Apple so keenly tunes in order to keep it's unique status. As long as you, as a customer, are happy with the way you're treated... what's to complain about?

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