Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Magzet is a "magsafe" audio plug adapter that will keep your devices safe

If you regularly wear headphones or earphones, then you'll certainly know that sometimes we forget we're "attached" to something, ending up with the headphones ripped off our ears - or, even worse, your valuable smartphone heading out into a nasty fall. With Magzet, you'll no longer have to face that.

This project takes me back to the days of the coiled/uncoiled headphone cables; but Magzet doesn't really have to do with cables, instead focusing on the plug itself. You can consider it a "magsafe" connector for audio jack, using a magnetic attachment system that simply breaks free should you inadvertently pull it too hard.

This means no more devices pulled accidentally from a table, as well as allowing you to easily and quickly disconnect and connect your headphones to multiple devices. Magzet also made sure you won't have to deal with unintended side-effects of leaving a jack plugged in all the time - unless you have a real connection, the jack will remain undetected by the device.

It sounds interesting, and if you consider the basic $35 kit on Kickstarter to be an investment that can save you from hundreds of dollars in potential damages from a falling smartphone or laptop, it won't take you long to make up your mind. Deliveries are promised on December, assuming there's no delays.

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