Saturday, March 21, 2015

Journey to the Center of the Earth

We've already embarked in journeys to other planets and even across the Universe, but today I bring you a journey that takes us in the opposite direction: to the center of our own planet.

BCC has created a joyful interactive journey to the center of the Earth that takes deeper and deeper into our planet and where we'll find the maximum depths reached by animals, plants, and humans, as well as other curious facts you'd never imagine to see here: like rock concerts, radio broadcasts, and even hotels.

One thing's for sure - no matter how deep all these things seem, we're just barely scratching the skin of our planet, which after just a few thousand meters starts to make things very hard to anyone wanting to keep going further and further. As attested by the deepest point reached by men.

The deepest artificial hole made by men reaches a depth of 12.3Km. Which barely registers on the scale compared to the 6300Km separating us from the center of the Earth - not that it would be a nice holiday destination considering the extreme pressures and temperatures that would crush and cook any wannabe tourist. But... maybe someday we'll have technology to send a probe down there... just to prove we can. :)

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