Saturday, March 14, 2015

Osmo Masterpiece teaches you how to draw

After its mixed-reality games, Osmo is now venturing into the drawing area with a new app that wants to let you draw some masterpieces - relying on the same iPad stand and camera adapter that lets you mix the real world and the digital realm.

We had seen Osmo put its system to good use with classic games, and now it takes another step with its latest app: Osmo Masterpiece.

If you have never heard about Osmo before, it basically consists on an iPad stand and a small adapter that covers its front facing camera with a mirror, allowing to "see" the area in front of it. Then, using the app, you can draw on a piece of paper while keeping an eye on the screen, where you can see your hand and follow the traces automatically generated from any image or photograph.

The idea is to "copy" what you see on the screen, until eventually you'll find out you no longer need guidance or assistance to draw whatever you want to draw.

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