Friday, March 13, 2015

Android 5.1 speeds up Nexus 6 with some tweaks from Franco Kernel

Google has stopped selling the Nexus 5, saying it will allow them to focus on the Nexus 6 - and the new Android 5.1 seems to show some of that new-found love, with some under the hood tweaks that you could already find in Francisco Franco's popular Franco Kernel.

If you're lucky enough to have both a Nexus 6 and the latest Android 5.1, things may seem a bit faster but you'd might suspect it's just the placebo effect. Well, it's not. Francisco has already peered into it and found some real optimizations that should explain why it's faster.

With Android 5.1 the Nexus 6 is keeping it's quad-core always active, instead of dynamically shutting down and powering up cores as needed. This makes it a lot easier for the kernel to spread tasks around, and to disable the migration boost system  - which tried to minimize the impact of shifting processes to another core, by making sure the destination core was running at the same or higher speed as the core it came from. This is something that was being dozen dozens of times per second, and it really doesn't work as well as it sound. Francisco had already disabled it on his Franco Kernel, and now Google proves him right by doing the same.

There are still some things Francisco thinks Google could have done better, like the still present 3 second CPU boost whenever you touch the screen (he says the Nexus 6 has a fast enough processor that would do just as well without those boost). And I personally think Google should have also given us the chance to disable the storage encryption that slows down reads and writes to roughly half the speed we could get.

Anyway, if you're the kind of person that worries about these under the hood tweaks, then you can simply root your device and use Franco Kernel with all its tweaks... :)

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