Monday, April 20, 2015

Android Wear about to get WiFi support and more

Google's Android Wear for smartwatches is one of the best "wearable" platforms out there, but there's no denying it was launched in a hurry. Suffice to say it didn't even had official support for watch faces. But that's something Google has been fixing with regular updates, and there's a new one coming that will once again make it better than ever.

This Android Wear update will make it easier and nicer to use. For instance, the "always-on" feature will no longer be an exclusive for watch faces, allowing us to see any other app/info - though still using a low power monochrome mode.
Then, something that had already been promised: WiFi support. We'll no longer be limited to our smartphone bluetooth range to have a functional smartwatch. Even if you leave your smartphone at home, you'll still be able to use your smartwatch as you'd normally do anywhere you can get a WiFi internet connection - including receiving all the notifications, and using it like if you had your smartphone in your pocket.

And there's more: like faster access to apps and contacts with less taps on the screen, scrolling through cards by rotating your wrist (comes in handy for one handed operation); and even the chance to draw an emoji that will be transformed into a proper emoji - or so Google claims: I'll have to put that to the test for people not having "artistic skills". :)

This Android Wear update will first be launched for LG Watch Urbane, but it should arrive to all other Android Wear devices in the coming weeks.

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