Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apple explains how Apple Watch measures your heart rate

Apple has been doing its job to ramp up the hype for the Apple Watch, and today it's time explain how its latest gadget can measure your heart rate.

In true Apple-style, the heart rate sensor is presented as being one of the most "amazing" things in the universe,  using photoplethysmography to measure your heart rate - as if most existing smartwatches  on the market weren't doing that already. In any case, the real question will be how it handles in real world conditions, because this system requires you to have it properly placed on your wrist to have accurate readings.

Apple does point out that, as well as its readings being invalidated by sudden motion or even temperature - and pointing users to a bluetooth hear rate chest strap as a last resort, should you want more accurate readings.

Then, we also get another section aiming to prevent skin irritarion complaints like the ones Fitbit had to endure, stating everything Apple has done to prevent such issues, and also subtly hinting users they should maintain a basic level of hygiene before blaming their Apple Watch. Truth be told, it will suffice a single complain for the media to enter a new "skin-gate" frenetic craze!

... As for having possible bad heart rate measurements, one can imagine just how Steve Jobs would react to that: "you're holding it wrong". :)

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