Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apple Watch doesn't like Tattoos

Looks like every new Apple device must face an "Apple-gate" problem of sorts, and the new Apple Watch is no exception. As if rejecting watch face apps wasn't enough, and even though they took time to explain how its sensor works, there are already complaints popping up regarding its inability to work with tattoo covered wrists.

There's two parts to this story. First, this is an issue that will certainly be blown out of proportion just because... Apple. Have you ever heard complaints about a Moto 360 not working in similar cases (which it won't)? Precisely. But then, there's another part that indeed makes this issue more troublesome for Apple than Android Wear devices.

The thing is, Apple uses this sensors do detect when the watch is actually on the wrist for security purposes. Meaning, when you take it out you'll need to enter the PIN code to access it again. This isn't an issue if you have to do it once per day... but if you have a tattoo and it stops recognizing your wrists dozens of times each day, then it's actually annoying.

Not every tattoo is bound to puzzle Apple Watches' sensors, but if you're thinking about buying one and have one on your wrist, you may want to try it first.

... Now, lets just wait for the first reports of reduced battery life on darker tone skins - I'm sure someone out there must be working on it as we speak...

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