Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apple won't allow watch face apps on Apple Watch

One can imagine how rushed Apple Watch development has been, though they tell us they've spent countless hours perfecting it. But if it had been that perfected, would Apple really make the same mistake Google initially made with Android Wear - namely: not allowing watch faces?

Yes, you're reading it right, though it is a (smart) watch, Apple will reject Apple Watch apps whose "primary function is to tell time". Meaning, you'll be stuck with Apple supplied watch faces on your brand new Apple Watch - even though there are several, with lots of customization options to keep you busy for a while.

Maybe Apple has forgotten that all that it is today, was due to one tiny, but critical, change they made back in the iPhone days. As hard as it will be to believe today, we have to remember that the original iPhone didn't even had an App Store, and had just a handful of Apple pre-installed apps on it. Sure, we have thousands and thousands of apps available for the Apple Watch (most of them made without the developers having actually seen or tried one), but the fact that it starts with such an appalling restriction is something Apple should have taken care right from the start.

It's not as if Apple is not used to keeping a tight leash around misbehaving apps (like the restrictions it has for "multitasking" on iOS). But as it is, the only way you'll be able to get a custom watch face on your Apple Watch is to hope Apple will allow it in a future update... or that the jailbreak community will take care of that for them.

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