Saturday, April 25, 2015

Man shots PC after seeing one Blue Screen of Death too many

Here's something we can all relate to, although we can only fantasize about: after seeing one of the infamous Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) on his computer, a man shot his PC eight times.

The 37y old man from Colorado Springs got fed up with the way his computer (a Dell) was acting up in the past months, and thought it would be better if he just "executed" it, putting 8 bullets in it.

Though it would be nice to imagine this happening in the heat of the moment, as its last BSOD popped up on the screen, it was actually a premeditated affair. He took the PC outside, where he made sure there was nothing for the bullets to ricochet on before actually shooting (sure it would make an even better headline: man tries to shoot his PC in frustration, ends up wounded by a ricochet!)

In any case, he'll now have to face a judge and pay a fine (at the very least) as it's illegal to fire weapon within Colorado Springs city limits. So, if you're thinking about it, maybe next its better for you to put your PC in your car, and take a drive out of town - and don't forget to throw in a shovel for good effect, should a patrol car pull you over and ask you to pop the trunk. :)

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