Monday, April 27, 2015

Send navigation, notes and alarms from Google to your Android

After allowing us to find our phones from its search page, Google is back with new features that blur the lines between the web and our Android devices, allowing us to send routes, notes and even set alarms directly from Google's home page.

If you ever felt annoyed by planning a trip on Google Maps on the web, and then repeating it all on your mobile device, you'll be please to know that a simple "send directions" on Google will allow you to set your destination and send it to your android smartphone at once. But that's not all.

If you want to have a note or reminder pop up on your smartphone, you can simply type "note to self" on Google, allowing you to have it instantly beamed to your smartphone - where you'll have the option to save it (or copy it, to paste in any app of your liking). Though there are other apps that allow you to do similar things, this way you won't need any extra app to do so.

And last but not least, you can also "set an alarm" that allows you to - well - set an alarm on your device. This is not only useful when you're working on your desktop and want to make sure you'll wake up when your smartphone is already in its charging cradle (also makes me tremble with the possibilities if someone ever hacks your Google account and sets alarms for the middle of the night.)

In any case, one can expect for this integration to expand even more in the future, blurring the lines between platforms and the web. And if Google's by any chance is reading this, my next suggestion would be "take a picture", that would allows us to receive a picture taken from the device (like some anti-theft apps do.)

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