Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pac-Man is eating its way though Google Maps

If you ever wished you could munch your way through traffic when waiting in a traffic line, now you can... at least in a digital way thanks to Google's easter egg on Google Maps, that allows you to turn any map into a Pac-Man level you can play.

Pac-Man is one of those iconic games that is as much to play today as it was back in the 80's. Since then many versions and variations popped up, but none allowed us to play Pac-Man on our own neighborhood - or any other real place on Earth - as Google Maps version does.

You just to search for your intended area, zoom in until you have a nice set of streets visible (if you don't Google will take care of it for you) and then click on the Pac-Man icon next to where you usually have the Satellite view on the bottom left of the screen.

Google even has a help page for Google Maps' Pac-Man should you need instructions! :)

... Tough I understand the intention of being true to the original, I can't stop thinking if they had made it available in Google's Street View as well, in a true-ish 3D version of Pac-Man roaming through the streets. In fact, something like Google's presentation video shows us. But maybe they're waiting for the Oculus Rift VR glasses to come out before they do that.

Update:  Ingress has also received a similar Pac-Man treatment. :)

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