Thursday, April 2, 2015

Android Apps can now run on Chrome with ARC Welder

Microsoft keeps reminding us the benefits of universal apps on its Windows platform; but Google also reminds us Android apps can be universal... if you use Chrome.

Google had already shown us Android apps running on Chrome with its App Runtime for Chrome (ARC), but it was still an early project with a limited set of Android apps available. Now, that becomes available for all, meaning any developer - or user - can easily transform an Android APK into a Chrome app that can run in any platform where Chrome is available (Windows, Mac, Linux - and ChromeOS of course.)

All you need it the ARC Welder Chrome extension to "weld" the bits together, allowing an Android app to become - for all intents and purposes - an universal app that can run in every major platform, without any extra effort from the developer.

Considering Google has recently shown a keen interest in promoting the latest Chrome OS devices, it's easy to imagine Google becoming increasingly aggressive in pushing Chrome OS as an "universal OS", also ranging from mobile devices (using Android) to laptops, HDMI Sticks and TVs, and doing as much as it can to rain on Microsoft's universal apps' parade.

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