Friday, April 3, 2015

Philips Hue Go levam as cores a qualquer lado

The Philips Hue family has very recently received the new Hue Phoenix, but there's already a new colorful member that can now be taken anywhere you want: the Hue Go.

While the Hue Phoenix were designed to fit in a more traditional lighting setting, allowing you to choose between cool/warm white according to the task at hand, the Hue Go can assume any color of your liking - and this time, they don't even need to be attached to a wall outlet.

The Hue Go are portable lamps that can shine bright for up to 3h, and just like any other Hue lamp, you can control them wirelessly via a smartphone app (either Philips' own Hue app or any other that can controlo hue lamps.) But should you be out of reach of your smartphone, fear not: you can also control your Hue Go using a button, allowing you to choose between different preset settings without worrying about your smartphone.

As always, one of the most interesting things with the Hue lamps is how easy you can use them in creative ways - using IFTTT for instance. While you can use any of your Hue lamps to alert you for incoming emails, or if someone was sent you o message (or if it's about to rain), there are lots of tasks that become even more useful when you consider you can now use a portable Hue lamp. Maybe you're in your backyard with some friends... but you can have a Hue Go on the table alerting you for any important thing without the need to constantly check your smartphone; or any other thing you might imagine.

The "worst" part is that at €99,99 these Hue Go aren't exactly cheap... But I guess it's the price you'll have to be willing to pay to "join", or expand, the Hue family.

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