Saturday, April 4, 2015

48h in Porto with a Mercedes SL

You know I never grow tired of telling you about the good things we have here in Portugal - and even more when it's my dearest and fondest city - Porto. So, it's easy to understand why I just couldn't resist sharing with you this amazing Mercedes-Benz TV video highlighting 48h in Porto with a Mercedes SL.

Just keep in mind it would be impossible to fit all the amazing places to see and visit in just a 3 minute video, and there would be a lot more for you to explore, experience (and taste). But even so, I think it serves as a nice appetizer for you get an idea of what you may find in the "northern capital" of Portugal.

And should you come in the last weekend of the month, then you're invited to our monthly lunch meetings, where readers of my main Aberto até de Madrugada blog get together and spend a nice Saturday lunch talking about tech/geek stuff (and lots more).

... Unfortunately, the Mercedes SL is not included, but you're free to bring your own, if you wish. :)

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