Monday, April 6, 2015

Apple launches guided tour videos for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is almost at the stores, and Apple has already launched a series of short videos teaching us how to do the things most people will want to do with it.

Apple is usually regarded as a company that creates intuitive easy-to-use interfaces (there's no shortage of videos on YouTube showing babies using iPads to attest that) but we have to keep in mind that Apple Watch will be using an entirely new interface, made from the ground up to be used in a small screen worn on the wrist.

That's why Apple made these Apple Watch  guided tours that serve both as tutorials on how to manage messages, watchface customization, and lots more, as well as marketing videos showing just how differently Apple has implemented these things - and how its unique crown button can be used, something no other smartwatch has used till now (though we can expect some to add one in the near future.)

These are just the first videos, with lots others already showing up on Apple's site, regarding different areas, such as Siri, maps, workouts, etc.

Will Apple Watch do as much for smartwatches as the iPad and iPhone have done for tablets and smartphones? We'll have to wait and see...

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